11 Random Ruminations on Direct Marketing

1) Spend six months marketing diligently, and you’ll know more truth about human nature than most psychologists. People reveal more about themselves by what they purchase — and why, where, and how they make their buying decisions — than they do lying on a couch in the office of a licensed psychiatrist.

2) Great marketing requires a wartime strategy. Your customers certainly aren’t your enemy, but you still have to hit them fast, hard, and often. Always keep up the attack!

3) When business is good, crank up your marketing efforts. When it’s slow, ratchet up your marketing efforts even further. Keep moving forward! Never let up!

4) Enthusiasm — yours and that which you instill in your prospective buyers — sells like crazy! Never forget that enthusiasm is infectious.

5) Fear sells! Stir up worries, anxieties, and headaches in your prospects, and you can sell to them without fail — as long as you offer them the “perfect solution.”

6) “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” may be true, but in the world of marketing, it’s worthless advice. People buy cures more often than they buy prevention.

7) If you can win their hearts, you’ll win their money. Sell with stories that create emotions in your prospects.

8) Don’t follow your direct competition in lockstep. Instead, shamelessly copy or adapt successful marketing campaigns from other niches.

9) Don’t sell products. Don’t sell services. Sell irresistible offers!

10) Always remember: It’s all about them — not you!

11) “It doesn’t have to be good,” says direct marketing genius Dan Kennedy, “just good enough!” Don’t worry over your marketing ideas. Implement them. And quickly!