Paid Search Marketing Tips – Why Paid Search is Ideal For Affiliates & Direct Marketers

Paid search marketing is ideal for affiliates & direct marketers because of the unique nature of this media. Never before in history can you get millions of people who are actively searching for you to be able to find you in minutes, sometimes seconds!

Search Marketing Mindset

People who are actively searching online are looking for something, either they want to look for more information or they have a problem to solve or they want to buy something. This is the core reason why this media works so well for affiliates & direct marketers.

Unique Selling Point (USP)

Unfortunately, many people are not good with developing their unique selling point even though it is such an important thing. There are still many businesses without a proper selling point & still making some money with search marketing!

This shows that your lack of uniqueness does not stop you from making some money! However, you still need to have be unique in order to make more money & to survive long in your market place.

Show Up

Somebody said that the first thing you need to be successful is to simply show up. What if you can show up at the right place, at the right time with the right offer? With search marketing, you can do just that! That is another reason why search marketing is ideal for affiliates & direct marketers.


Due to the fact that people are actively searching for you, how hard can it be for you to sell something? So start your search campaigns & start showing up when people are searching for you. In this way, you will always be able to profit.

Getting Recognized Through Article Marketing

Although it has been done for quite some time, article marketing has become quite a catch phrase for new Internet marketers. It got a lot of recognition through a free process that is known as bum marketing, a method of article marketing that really can help anybody to get started with making some money on the Internet, and to do so consistently. Although it is a good idea for you to understand the concepts of this type of marketing, it is also a good idea for you to increase your understanding so that you can make the most of the articles that you are writing.

The basic concepts of article marketing, in the bum marketing fashion is to write articles that are directly optimized for long tail keyword phrases. These are phrases that are being searched for on the Internet which are typically three or more words in length. The reason why people optimize for these longer phrases is the fact that it typically finds them with less competition, so it is easier for them to rank in the search engines for those phrases.

The next step in the process is to submit the article to the article directories, typically the ones that rank highly in the search engines. The reason why this is the case is because it automatically gives you some authority behind your article and the opportunity to rank well for it.

The third, and final part of this process is to link back to your website using a compelling link and text in your signature box. If your article and your offer are both geared towards the same audience, you would be surprised with the number of people that will click over to your webpage or affiliate page, giving you the opportunity to make a commission.

This same type of article marketing can be used for a variety of processes, not just for making a direct sale. Another reason why article marketing is so popular with webmasters is because it gives them the opportunity to get authority backlinks to their website that will give them more weight in the search engine results. Some people spend a considerable amount of time writing articles for links for this very purpose.

Writing articles and submitting them for backlinks is done in a similar way to article marketing which is for the direct sale. One of the main differences, however, is the type of linking that is done in the signature box. For direct sales, you usually try to use something that is compelling and will get the person’s attention to click on the link. This is also important whenever you’re writing articles for backlinks, but you would also want to link to your site using a keyword phrase in order to rank better for that phrase in the search engines.

Article marketing is not a difficult thing to do and provided you can type an article, you can get started in this interesting way of making money online. Some people make a considerable amount of money doing this and it is the basis of their online marketing. Why not give it a try for yourself? You would be surprised with how far you can take it.

Introduction to CPA Marketing – Get Started Today!

CPA (Cost Per Action) Marketing, is an Internet marketing methodology that requires consumers to enter varying levels of information via filling out forms, signing up for free trials, and sometimes trying a new product or service by making a small purchase. This marketing method is one of the easiest ways for beginning affiliate marketers to get started in the industry with minimal investment and realize returns quickly.

CPA affiliates advertise offers in order to get paid for the “actions” taken by the traffic that they direct to advertisers. For example, suppose company XYZ wants to test the consumer feedback on a new product line that they are prototyping / introducing. They create an offer whereby they agree to pay $3.00 for each person who submits their email address and zip code. The CPA affiliate simply directs traffic to the Company XYZ web site, and then collects $3.00 for each consumer who performs the desired action, also known as “opting in”. This is a simple example, but it is very common. The more complex the CPA offer, the more consumer information that is typically required to be entered, with increasingly higher reward for the affiliate. Essentially, CPA marketers may be thought of as traffic “brokers” who find traffic and then direct it to offer pages, getting paid based on how successfully the directed traffic converts to opt-ins, trial offer completions, etc.

Because CPA marketing is relatively easy to get started, it is also competitive, and for a beginner, it can be intimidating to start trying to compete with established affiliates making $500 to $1,000 a day or more running well designed and implemented CPA campaigns. When getting started, the CPA affiliate will be competing with these established CPA campaigns, and it can be intimidating, even frustrating, particularly if the beginning affiliate expects significant results too quickly. As with any business endeavor, CPA marketing does require some effort and patience, but it requires perhaps the least startup resources of any affiliate marketing endeavor.

Succeed in Direct Sales on the Internet

Direct sales on the internet are gaining immense popularity. Do you have any such product or service that you can sell online? There are services like PayPal that makes it easy to get money out of Direct Sales, by the help of credit cards. If you add shopping cart to your website then you can easily monetize your site by Direct online sales. Sales on internet could be on anything whether it is info based products, cosmetics, books, and coaching; etc.
If you want to use a product as your choice of sales, you can easily develop an online business by the help of third party auction houses or online retailers like eBay. You can make advertisements of your eBay specials on your website and make good money.
In case you want to sell more of physical products and not those information based products, then you need to have a better understanding of the US postal service. You can earn profit by passing the shipping cost onto the consumer also. You have to create your own shipping area in order to keep track of the shipping schedules. This will help you get informed whether the product is reaching out to the customers exactly on the date of delivery when it was promised. Thus, one needs to be a little bit more cautious to send out the physical products rather than the info-based products. You will find that most of the Direct Sales on the Internet are based on info-based products.
Some varieties of info-based products are e-books, video of seminars, online courses, electronic format reports, travel related services etc. These sorts of info-based products are perfectly suitable for Direct Sales on the Internet as the customer gets immediate satisfaction as the products are delivered online in an quick fashion. There is no need to wait for delivery of the product . By using such the Internet, you can save the shipping and handling costs. This sort of marketing is economical for both the marketer and the consumers.
If you possess an expertise in any field such as generating courses, writing e-books, reports, or generating any variety of info-based products in the market? Then Marketing on the Internet is an available option for you.

Exceptional Overbought-Oversold Market Indicator: The Holy Grail for Option Income Investors?

Identifying When a Market is About to Change Direction

One summer, with a quill pen and some parchment paper, Isaac Newton created calculus and also unraveled much of the mystery of the physical laws that drive the cosmos. Several hundred years later, Albert Einstein – who allowed as how he did it standing on Newton’s shoulders – unraveled more of the secrets that are the forces behind the operation of the universe. But even though Albert spent most of his post-relativity life searching for a theory to link all the forces of physics, that equation – if it exists – remains undiscovered.

On a less cosmic scale, a similar undertaking continues regarding knowing when the market’s stocks and options have entered a state of terminal exuberance or dismay… overbought or oversold territory that signals a change in direction is upon us.

An overbought-oversold signal that works perfectly would obviously mark the end of the stock market, since if tomorrow’s prices were known with certainty, no one would ever take the “wrong side” of a trade.

That said, real progress has been made in producing technical indicators that do greatly increase the probability of successfully forecasting when a market is likely to be at or near a top or bottom, and that a change in direction is likely imminent.

One such indicator in particular, saddled with the unglamorous name “Williams %R,” ranks high with sophisticated stock and options investors. It is the secret weapon of many very successful stock and option traders.

Conservative investors seeking monthly income through vertical spreads (credit spreads) will find this tool especially helpful because their time frame is necessarily relatively short – usually 2-8 weeks from initiation to conclusion of the trade.

The Williams %R Signal

Williams %R depicts the current day’s closing price relative to the high and low points of the past days (usually 10 days) in graph form. You can bring up this graph for any underlying stock, index, or ETF, just like any standard chart, at most brokerage firm websites.

The right hand scale of the graph – the vertical axis – depicts values from -100 (the bottom of the graph) to 0 (the top of the graph). The current Williams %R value is always between 0 and 100. You can ignore the minus sign.

The interpretation is that when the graph’s line intersects the vertical axis at extreme upper range readings near 0, a “very overbought” market is being signaled; extreme lower range readings near 100 scream “very oversold.”

Williams %R is a very muscular oscillator technical indicator by itself, but you can bring additional power to bear by adding a filter or two to the analysis.

Adding these two entry filters can further strengthen your trade

1. The 200-day simple moving average (SMA)

If we limit our trades to those where our contemplated trade is in the direction of the general trend, the already powerful predictive ability of Williams %R may well be further improved.

By overlaying a 200-day moving average onto the Williams %R graph, you can see at a glance if the Williams %R “signal” is particularly attractive in terms of the current trend.

Basically, what might rationally further encourage you to act on the signal is when Williams %R now signals a very oversold market… but when the 200-day trend remains bullish. This scenario would point toward a bull put credit spread.

Similarly, when Williams %R signals a very overbought value for a market that is trending down, a short position via a bear call spread would be the logical approach.

2. Support and Resistance as a Filter

The bell is really ringing loudly for the trade if, in addition to getting the Williams %R signal, with the signal being in conformity with the trend based on the 200-day moving average, we also have this further encouraging confirmation: the Williams signal comes with the underlying price being at or near a significant chart support or resistance level (support if we are going to go long or resistance if our interest is on the short side).


It is safe to say that there is not, nor will there ever be, a “holy grail” market indicator to provide total certainty you are entering a profitable trade.

However, the Williams %R oscillator, together with 2 simple filters, can be a tremendously effective tool for increasing the probability of a successful option credit spread trade, or the outright purchase of an option, stock or ETF.

How Obtaining a List From Reliable Direct Marketing Agencies Can Benefit You

A leads list is a critical component of any marketing campaign. It is like the main course of a meal, you cannot do without it if you want to succeed in any sort of selling. Now we all know this, I mean, how else do you get the word out, who do you sell to or how best do you distribute your product to the market? A list is the focus of your marketing strategy, but what is important, is the quality of the list that you get. It is important that you get a list from reliable direct marketing agencies.

Do not make the mistake of allowing your campaign to be sidelined by free lists that are available on the internet. For one thing, these free lists are usually outdates marketing databases left behind by other marketing companies, or have been compiled as an ‘opt in’ service by companies who are trying to sell you something. What you are getting is a paper full of emails and fax numbers etc, of people randomly chosen from various online collectives. This is a bad mistake when trying to sell something. You must tailor your product to the market, or vice versa. Marketing gurus all over the world have always said one very important thing; the market that you are trying to penetrate must already have the position of buying your product.

You do not sell burgers to vegetarians, and that is just that. While many successful sellers on the internet choose a market and design a product based on their psychology and interests, not all of us have the luxury of being in that position. When you have a product or service that you do want to sell, you need to look at the demographics that are attached to it. For example, what age range of buyers would be interested in this product? What about income levels? What kind of pay do they have to be drawing to actually consider this product? Is it a luxury or a necessity? It is a niche market for people with specific interests? Does the product sell itself or does the market have to be ‘persuaded’ into making a purchasing decision.

These are just some of the factors you need to know about when you are trying to sell something, especially on the internet. What direct marketing agencies do is that they have a specific set of lists that are almost tailor made of groups of products. For example, if you wanted to sell a financial product, then you needed to find a list that has all the demographics of the people you need to be interested in the product; professionals, entrepreneurs, stock brokers, at home professionals and white collar workers. By having a detailed and targeted list, you would have won half of the war and would not have to work so hard to sell your product. There are many companies that offer these services online, so do a little bit of research and you will find a list from reliable direct marketing agencies that can propel your marketing plans skywards.

Direct Mail and Mail Piece Design

First we need to explain how important a clean and targeted mailing list is to your Direct Mail Campaign. Just as important, if the mail piece isn’t read, the mailing list had little effect. Mail Piece Design can make or break your success. Mail Piece Design can make or break your success. It can also affect mail processing and postage costs.

You can create your own direct mail piece or participate in a shared Direct Mail program. Shared programs would be coupon mailers, coupon envelopes, magazines ads, newspaper inserts and more. On the surface, these types of mailings look less expensive because the cost-per-piece is figured over the entire circulation. In reality, these mail pieces get thrown away unless the recipient is a coupon clipper. If your ad isn’t on the front or back cover your ad isn’t seen. Another way to share expenses is to partner with another business that has an industry or geographical connection to yours. For example, we recently did a mailer for a pizza shop and bagel shop that provided coupons for breakfast, lunch and dinner. They split the cost of the design, printing and postage and both experienced a marked increase in business.

When designing a mail piece, you must decide whether a post card, self-mailer, flyer, or envelope would work best. The best results come from something that doesn’t need to be opened such as a post card or self-mailer.

Post Cards: Post Cards are individual sheets of a heavier paper stock that are no smaller than 3.5″h x 5.5″w and no larger than 12″h x 15″w. Whether or not your recipient clips coupons or opens direct mail, they automatically see your message when it is on a post card. Larger than 4×6 post cards stand out more and are less likely to get lost or misplaced.

Self-Mailers: Self-mailers are items such as flyers or newsletters that are folded over and mailed without being placed in an envelope. The paper weight and fold positions are most important for self-mailers. Final folds should be on the right edge and/or bottom of the mail piece as you read the address. Mail pieces should be tabbed (wafer sealed) to obtain the maximum postal discounts and arrive at its destination intact.

Envelopes: Envelopes are used for more official or professional appearances or if you are including more personalized information. Tag lines or graphics can be used on the envelope to urge the recipient to open it.

No matter which mail piece you decide to use, messages should be short and to the point. Lengthy letters or messages can lose the interest of the reader before the full point is absorbed. Bulleted lists, bold headlines, coupons and color make a piece much more attractive and easier to read.

Whether you design your own mail piece or use a graphics designer, you should have the piece reviewed by your professional mailing service or contact the United States Postal Service Mail Piece Design Analyst for final recommendations. Verbiage, color, size, shape, thickness, graphics and address block positions can interfere with postal discount levels.

Direct Sales MLM in the Economic Downturn – How Does it Affect You?

Is it a good or bad idea to jump into direct sales MLM in the Economic downturn?
If you are completely new to Network Marketing and considering signing-up with direct sales MLM Company in this economic downturn or just became a part of one – there are some facts that you must take into consideration.
And this is not necessarily about the legitimacy of the business, the compensation plan, or the product itself. You can find the criteria on how to evaluate specific direct sales MLM opportunity by simply searching the internet, there is a lot of good information on this topic.

What I would like to talk to you about is how the economic downturn affects your success with your new endeavor.

Historically, Network Marketing or Direct sales MLM companies have experienced accelerated growth in tough economic conditions. You can research some very well known companies such as Mary Kay, Arbonne, Amway, NuSkin and Shaklee, just to name a few, and see for yourself that they have strived in economic downturns.

There are various factors that contribute to this such as rise in unemployment and relatively low start-up costs. The assumptions that you don’t need any education and can start making money by just sharing your opportunity with people close to you make success look already within reach. For the purpose of this article I am not going to go into what exactly contributes to the growth of MLMs in tough times. There is plenty of information on the net that will support this.

What does it mean for you personally?
The percentage of people that jump into Network Marketing or Direct sales MLM in the economic downturn and that are primarily interested in the monetary compensation is VERY HIGH. Let’s examine what does that mean for you if you are completely new to the business. Looking at statistics there is a 90 days trial for the newcomers that will determine if they stay in the business by becoming successful or quit it for good.

Let’s assume that you did everything you were told to do by your company’s up-line. You attended all meetings and conferences, listened to all calls from your company coaches, paid close attention to “Law of Attraction”, bought and distributed all marketing materials that your company provides… and… unless you already have a sphere of significant influence (meaning you have access to a great number of people that trust you), the chances are very slim that all these outdated methods will produce considerable results and checks worth cashing.

If you are fairly fresh to direct sales MLM then you are most probably blaming yourself for not being outgoing enough, confident enough, knowledgeable enough, name it enough… Or you are blaming the Economy.

You will be pleasantly surprised that in order to succeed in your Network Marketing Business you don’t need to be somebody else, you can remain yourself. There are proven and effective steps you can take to grow your Network Marketing business regardless of your age, personality, technical or “sales” skills, the state of the Economy. And you can master these steps and use them with any Network Marketing company you are presently working for or for any MLM in the future. The key is two fold: Proper Education and Proper Action. Drop or neglect one of them and you won’t have a chance.

The point I am making here is that you will have to deal with much higher competition in the current economic state. Unless you take a 100% responsibility for your future success and separate yourself from the masses by becoming an expert and a leader you have a statistically predefined future of becoming a part of the 97 or 98% of all “networkers” who did not succeed.

There are hundreds of educational programs on the internet that are geared towards Network Marketers. And I understand if you are skeptical about them because you have been scammed before or some of your friends were, but honestly, there are a lot of good companies around.

Just don’t jump to the best sounding opportunity promising you thousands overnight. If it sounds too good to be true then… you know the expression. Use your common sense and trust your intuition. Make sure you can get into contact with the people behind the promise, this is vital. Look for companies that give you A to Z knowledge and skills necessary for your success.

The bottom line: Yes, it is a good chance for success in Direct Sales MLM in the Economic Downturn… if you come to it prepared.

2 Step Process – Directing and Converting Traffic For Profit On The Internet

Profiting On The Internet – It boils down to 2 simple steps: Directing Traffic and Converting Traffic. Every online business and website uses this process (whether they realize it or not).

* Step 1: Direct Traffic from one location (point A) to another (point B).

* Step 2: Convert the Directed Traffic from Step 1 into Profit.

If you have heard it before, it all about traffic. I have also mentioned it in my previous posts. Without traffic you are “opening shop” in the middle of the “desert” where only “vultures” prowl!! ;-)

There are many different ways to direct traffic including:

* Pay Per Click

* Article Marketing

* Links from Other Blogs or Websites

* Affiliate Promotions

* Email Marketing

Likewise, there are many ways to convert this directed traffic into profit including:

* Promoting Affiliate Products

* Hosting Content Network Ads (like Adsense)

* Building an Email List (which you can then use to promote products)

* Selling Your Own Product

* Pay Per Click

* Pay Per Lead

* etc., etc.

If you have been in the Internet Marketing scene, there are almost an unlimited number of combinations of direct and convert techniques that you can use to make a profit, and many people are promoting their products and “Direct and Convert” techniques. All you have to do is figure out a winning combination and you will make money.

This “Direct and Convert” may sound a bit simplistic but it is really all you need to know to make money on the internet. Of course, it boils down to “How-To” setup that “Direct and Convert” process.

Directing – Focus on being “Customer Focus”

Ensure that you get inside the mind of your customer and align your product with their thinking. If you know without any guesswork involved, what your customers are looking for or the problems they are facing, you just have to solve it or as an affiliate marketer, point your customers to an existing SOLUTION.

That is why in my past post I have touched on keywords research, SEO and relevancy marketing. Every keyword or phrase that your customer types into the search engine is BEGGING for an answer. They are SEEKING information to their nagging questions; they want a problem solved. SO SOLVE IT.

If you want to direct traffic (customers) to your blog or website, affiliate program or store, you must focus on what your prospects want – and they tell you exactly what they want with keywords. Try Google Keyword Tool at which is FREE when you activate your Google AdWords account. Or you can try the Google Keyword Tool External at from Google. You can purchase other keyword research tools too, which I also highly recommend although most of these tools mainly get their data from Google and other search engines.

Converting – Focus on being “Customer Analysis”

This is a bit like economics: the Law of Supply and Demand. Depending on the technique you adopt, whether its article marketing or email marketing, you need to draw your customers so that you can relate to them. Using article marketing or blogs, you can:

  1. First, pull all the keywords that searchers have used. Forget about the generic keywords which are too broad.
  2. Organizing and choosing keywords properly: check how many searches versus how many websites.
  3. Analyzing your top competitors for the keywords you have chosen to see how well they are optimized for each keyword.
  4. Optimize your web pages or blog posts around those keywords in that will beat your competition.

Of course, the more web pages, blog posts, articles you write, the more exposure you will get for target customers and the higher the chance that your customers will buy from through your affiliate link on your website or articles.

In conclusion, the key to making money online is website relevance. Concentrate on learning about your customers and driving relevant traffic. And, relevance increases conversions. Take action and build relevant target sites with best chance of making money online.

Marketing Measurement

It’s a business irony that Direct Response marketing has the most unlikely ally-The CFO/CPA! How’s that?

Direct Response = Measurable Tangible Results

One of the key principals of direct response marketing is that it’s measurable. Just like the Key Performance Indicators so beloved by the CFO and CPAs of the business world, direct response marketing produces measurable results.

Direct response marketing is selling in print and in every other type of media you can think of. At the end of the business day, week, month, quarter or year, the sales numbers are calculated to the penny. In fact, the sale’s staffers are the only employees whose performance is not based on any subjective or convoluted formula for performance. They’re rated on results.

“How much did you sell today?” That objective number is now held up to the measuring stick of the sales quota. Are today’s sales under, at or over the quota? Each person on the sale’s staff tasked with driving revenue answers to the hard set of numbers he or she has generated. If only every Key Performance Indicator in a business was so easy to determine and interpret.

Measure your marketing as accurately as your sales staff

There are a lot of business people who are marketing their products and services with no real picture of how effective any or all of the campaigns are. Some stuff works, some stuff doesn’t and you end up like PT Barnum who once said, “I know half of the advertising on my circus is wasted, but I can never figure out what half.” The key to knowing what’s working and what needs to be tested and fixed is being able to measure the results of your marketing.

First, your best and most accurate measure is the results-the sales generated by any campaign you undertake. It’s not that the interim measurements of a marketing campaign are not important, but those are not figures you can take to the bank. Dollars, the numbers that keep you in business and determine the quality of your business life.

Some basic examples of interim numbers in a direct marketing campaign are:

· Traffic driven to your web site

· Response percentage on all ads

· Number of quality leads

· The number of sales appointments

All those numbers have their place in your marketing planning and evaluation (lessons for another day). The number you want is the Return on Investment of every marketing campaign you undertake. Again, you have to separate each campaign and set up a system to track the results (another tip for another day). Now, to keep things simple there’s no goal to take a loss at this time. Here’s the basic math:

A. Total cost to run the campaign

B. Total dollars in sales that campaign generates

Now the Measures

1. If A is greater that B that campaign lost money. Stop it. Fix it.

2. If B is greater than A. Great, keep going as long as it’s making money.

3. Determine ratios. Example: Say White Auto Repair runs a ValPac or SuperCoups ad that costs $400.00. After all is said and done (even after the coupon discounts) Greg makes $1200.00 in sales. Expressed as a ratio, for every $1.00 dollar spent, Greg made $3.00, 3:1 or 300% return on investment.

The final caveat: All direct marketing campaigns start with a goal to make money. Not for exposure, not for image, not to create brand awareness. In fact the direct marketer believes those are by products of direct response marketing.

Here are some practical ideas to make marketing measurement work for you:

1. Immediately stop any advertising that you cannot measure the results from. That means an end to most of your image and brand advertising.

2. Put in a system for measuring and tracking the results of each marketing campaign. If you need help call in a reputable consultant.

3. Going forward all your ads need an offer your prospects can respond to and move into your sales cycle.

4. Be ruthless about achieving a positive Return on Investment on all your marketing initiatives. Even better set an ROI goal as part of your marketing planning process. You give your sales people quotas; don’t treat your selling in print any differently.

The key to direct response advertising is measurable results. The ultimate result is dollars being put into your business bank accounts. Nothing else is going to keep you in business very long.